Ready for the outback?

The other days we pretty spent the same way, beach walking, wildlife watching, surfing, praying and mediating. I brought books but I did not have time to read, because I had to watch and take it in every single second. Wonderful. We were lucky we didn’t get in touch with too many flies. The wind helped a lot. Even mosquitos or aunts didn’t border us. There were mice everywhere (like Kangaroos and gooses) but I brought containers so our food was protected, the mice could only look at our food and Roger was happy I brought so much “stuff” 🙂

I couldn’t believe that it would attract me as much as it did. I was overwhelmed and speechless. Outback is like a purification of your mind, body and soul. I only can recommend it if you are ready to do it. If you can answer next questions with yes, then you are ready for the outback…

You don’t care about mice running around your feet?

You don’t mind the toilet is all green and black and stinks a lot?

You don’t care the water smells like iron?

You don’t care about flies in your face?

You don’t care about dust everywhere?

You don’t care about the dirt that is everywhere after coming back to civilization?

No worries, no worries, take it easy! You can! If only you want!

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Gnaraloo Bay – Pur Aussie outback

The other morning we woke up early and watched the sunrise! What can be better than that? Well, a hot coffee and a warm blanket. But we don’t complain! The pure Australian Outback doesn’t serve Cappuccino 🙂

On the second day we came along to another beautiful beach with shells, we have never seen … very colorful and unique shells, from little tiny ones to big heavy ones.

We tried to snorkel, but the ocean was too rough at the moment and we couldn’t see anything. That means time for Surfing or Windsurfing!

Kangaroos accompanied us all day long. They are everywhere, even on the beach. Can you find them on the pictures?

After the Windsurfing session on the Tombstone, we could enjoy another gorgeous sunset in paradise with a cold beer on the beach. (Thanks to the freezer in the Homesteads. Not only the freezer was luxury also the fridge. What would we do without?).

Well, Roger needed more than one beer, because of the very atavistic bathroom and toilet…At night, he always wanted to go back into the civilization and around sunrise he didn’t want to go back to it! The night was rough, no electricity and chilly. But during the day, it was just wonderfully beautiful, rough though but peaceful and fulfilling.

I guess this place is so fair and beautiful because not everybody is ready to spend days here. Fishermen, Outback lovers and Surfers do but no one else would. That’s why it is still pristine. I thank God I was able to see and enjoy it.

Want to know more about Gnaraloo? Use the form below, I would love to answer your questions….

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The real Australian Outback

The weather is changing, becoming more wet and cooler, though autumn. That’s why we decided to travel up North for exploring the real Australian outback.Spontaneously (because it was raining in Geraldton) we packed our car in the morning and went off.

I packed everything, Roger laughed at me but in the end he was happy I thought of everything, we only forgot the pocket light, well we could finally manage it without.

We stopped in Carnarvon and slept in a comfy condo on the Wintersun campsite before the real outback was calling. In the morning we did our last shopping (water and pasta!) and drove to the Blowholes. Those are really the most spectacular Blowholes we have ever seen. But not only blowing attracted me this time, as well the salt in the little holes over the reef. Ready for getting a foot peeling? All natural and organic! GMO and Gluten free 🙂

Now the outback started, dirt road and sand everywhere but views … unbelievable beautiful! Captivating! Our wildlife started with two iguanas.

In the late avro (75km in 1,5 hour) we arrived at the Homesteads in Gnaraloo Bay. We only got the Fisherman’s lodge; all the other Condos were already fully booked. It is fishing time up there in May…

Well, the first day it was cloudy and cold. We did a long morning walk on the beach and then an off-road Tour and explored the beauty of this coast. Stunning! Just amazing!

In the evening I just told Roger, that there wouldn’t be a great sunset because of the clouds. But a few minutes later the clouds opened for the sun and a firing sunset showed up! God is the best moviemaker on earth! Not to mention what we have seen the first day! Art can’t be better!

Gnaraloo 2016

If you want to know more about Gnaraloo or Carnavon let me know I would love to help you out!

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SUP Boards not yet a must!

The windy season should be over by now, but the waves are growing. And we were told that when there is no wind it is like heaven on a surfboard or a SUP Board here in Geraldton. That’s why we bought two used SUP – Boards and went back SUPing. First, it was quite wobbly, we had to get used to it again, but we love it to be on the water early in the morning.

The story isn’t finished yet, because we are still Windsurfing, and you know what? Better than ever…. 25 knots and over mast waves with only a few people (4!) on the water!

Well, perhaps we can SUP later this month, who knows? Nobody knows, though it is a funny year!


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My New Surfboard

My windsurf Board has to be replaced. Roger got one in November and now it is my turn…I could try a Quad 68l from Mark Stone and felt in love, though not from the beginning but with some adjustments it will be perfectly shaped for me.

Mark understood what I meant and he started to shape it straight away. He wasn’t very keen on my ideas for the design, that’s why he was happy when I offered him that I could paint it myself!

I decided to put the Hawaiian Island on the bottom and a plumeria on the top! We did the bottom together, Roger Mark and me. Mark did Airbrush after we have prepared everything and have chosen the right colors.

design your own surfboard

Three days later I started to paint the plumerias on the top of the Board, by hand! I felt kind of insecure at the beginning, though I have never done something like that before. But after a while, I relaxed and finished it within three hours. In the evening, I was looking at the picture of my painting and realised that I had to go back … It wasn’t yet finished.


In the morning, I spent another two hours in Marks shade 🙂 After another useful tip from Mark I finally could wash my brush! Have a look …. It is a bit girly, but I am a girl, though 🙂

Today I could water the Hawaiian Island and the plumeria… It was awesome! I love it!

Mahalo Nui Loa to Mark Stone, great job!

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WSL Margret River


I felt in LOVE with Margret River and watching Surf Contests!

Wow! Just amazing! I love this place so much… I don’t want to leave anymore! Help!!!

We went down to Margret River to attend the Surf Pro Contest live. Already when we drove into this little town I felt this joy and peace. And it even got stronger when I saw the Coastline. It is kind of South Africa without the Table Mountain.

The contest itself was brilliant! We were blessed with perfect conditions and sunny weather. We saw World’s best surfers all together! They are all so cool!

WSL Margret River 2016

Leonardo just put down the World Champ De Souza!


We overnighted at Rebecca’s and Keith’s house (through AirBnB) close to the beach which I only can highly recommend in case you are looking for a room. Early in the morning, I went for a sunrise run on the beach. They built all these pathways along the coast. Very cool! After morning exercise, watching Surfers at the contest, a little bit of sightseeing in the afternoon and then …. dinner! The food here is overall the best food I ever ate a long while ago! Very good Chef’s in all restaurants we have tested and every time freshly prepared. Top it with a good glass of wine from the region and feel like being in heaven. My gosh, we are so blessed! A must! Definitely!


We visited the Window Winery (very small but amazingly friendly people with great wines and cheese), Olive Farms, Jewels Cave, Lake Cave, Lighthouse in Augusta and Dunsborough, Jetty in Busselton and several Beaches, one more beautiful than the other. All beaches are possible to surf/SUP for all levels and great for walks and hung out with friends. At the Hamelin Bay, we didn’t see the StingRays but I already know that we come back here soon and then hopefully the StingRays are back too… It was a great adventure and it made my heart jumping high and make it still jumping higher and higher!

Any questions about Margret River? Let me know, I can help!

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Little things to think about…

A friend of us is a smoker but not a millionaire… though smoking here in Australia is only for rich people! One packet is between 24 and 36 AUD! Crazy! They are even talking about raising the price up to 40 AUD! As far as I can see it doesn’t matter how much a packet costs, real smokers don’t stop because of the  price. However, I just wanted to mention the high price!

Another great sentence came up today. Everybody is complaining about the weather and wind conditions this year. El Nino! The waves are not as good as they used to be and the wind is very inconsistent … well, we can not agree because we don’t know how it was the last years, but for us, it was and still is all right. Then the other day Mark just said, it was a funny year! And we liked that! Why not just say IT IS A FUNNY YEAR instead of complaining? And remember the great days we all had? That’s far better than complaining all the time …

The glass is half full… 🙂 Think positive!

think positive

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Kalbarri with flies …

It is a short drive from Geraldton to Kalbarri (in Australian km’s)– so why not go there for a hike?

Early in the morning we drove up there and were surprised that on the way there it looked like Switzerland …

Gorgeous isn’t it?

We met a very friendly Rancher at the entrance and decided to buy only a day pass because windsurfing and SUPing are still leading our days 🙂 and the flies sometimes are bothering a lot!


A hike itself is beautiful and a good exercise besides Surfing and Yoga. Whenever you have questions about Kalbarri Nationalpark let us know, we like to help and share our experiences.

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Australia is so different …

Some times we feel like we are all alone in this neighborhood. Where are all these people?

We learned that many have a job far out of Geraldton.

Beach Kalbarri

For example, our friend’s husband who works as a mechanic in a mine in the outback. He has to work 10 days in a row and then he has 6 days off to spend at home. He has been doing this already for the last 8 years. He told us, that he worked the whole day (or night) and after his shift ended he had some beers at the only pub in this village before going to sleep. There is nothing else to do there, no possibilities to spend the earned money.

Or our neighbor who is a fisherman, he works for a company that fishes cry fishes, that means sometimes they sleep on the boat or on the beach and come back only after two or three days.

Another friend works in a mine too, so he as well is away for about 10 days and then he spends a week at home. He often is very tired and loves to relax in the backyard, read the paper or go out with his boat for fishing.

Australia is whacking great!

There are commercials about

  • how to learn to fly a plane, or
  • buy a motorboat (fisherman nation),
  • all kind of tents and motorhomes,
  • or agricultural engines and

unfortunately also to inform people

that a man shouldn’t drink more than 2 standard drinks per day!


they show you the inside of your body on TV, with the fat, flesh and organs (the real pics) to prevent you from eating junk and/or fast food….

Not really nice while you are watching TV and eating your M&M’s or Ice Cream!

At the doctors waiting room they show you (on TV) how your child should pack the school back bag or what parents should buy them for lunch.

Even that all members of the family should start to eat, without mobile phone, at least once a day at the table and start to talk to each other again… instead of sending text massages! 

What’s about shark protection? That’s nothing  to worry! No worries …

Beach Sign Margret River

It is so different here from what we have seen so far but we LOVE it!


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Port Gregory Tennis Tournament

Eastern time means spending time with friends. We made already more friends here in Geraldton than in Switzerland. Well, we have time for social life but nevertheless it is not usual to find so many friends in such a short time, isn’t it?

Though having many friends means being together while public holidays like Eastern. Every year (since 2009) Abby organizes a tennis tournament in Port Gregory.

We played mixed double (so we didn’t have to run too much, after all the beers and drinks!) with a partner we hadn’t yet played before (though for us there was no problem, because it was the first time) and we had to dress up! “Wally” was the theme but I didn’t get it that’s why I showed up as a Hula Girl. Which wasn’t too bad because I got a price for being creative (Wally in Hawaii!).

The court was in such a bad condition that sometimes we had to look for the ball behind a weed 🙂 and sometimes the ball jumped in another direction due to the cracks everywhere. But we had so much fun! Roger and his partner got a tie: “Looser of the day”! I could play in the finals but we lost and had to give up the first price!

After the tournament, we played cards (As hole! We used to play it in Switzerland too, but we played it slightly different, nevertheless I was impressed that the Australians play a game that has the same name like in Switzerland), we drunk more beer, ate more food and everybody was just happy to be together and sharing stories… Life can’t be better, can it?

The other day we were just cruising on the beach, some went fishing, others snorkeling or walking on the beach … We enjoyed it until heavy clouds arrived from the North. We decided to drive back to Geraldton because we slept in the car and we didn’t feel like staying in the rain.

Back home the next day we had a water leak in the bathroom. I was reading outside and thought; wow Roger was showering at this time?

And Roger thought, Sandra should take the boiling water from the stove.

At some point we both realized something is wrong here…. The water came already through the wall into the living room, after perhaps two minutes? What could have happened if we had remained in Port Gregory?

However the Holy Spirit helped us to be at the right spot at the right moment!

We cleaned it up and Roger fixed the tube!

All’s well that ends well.

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